We Are Pisgah Electrical Services

Learn more about our local, family-owned business: our services, our dedication to the client, and our WHY in this video:

What Makes Us Different...

We're a Closely-Held Company

We’re owned by an individual, not Private Equity. That means we don’t need to run decisions up the flag-pole; keeping us both efficient and expedient.

We're Locally Managed

Our management team is right here in Asheville. That means our word, and our work matters. We share this community with our clients, and want to nurture those relationships.

Responsiveness is Our Priority

We. Answer. The. Phone. That’s right. We believe in customer service, and responsiveness is a crucial piece to that puzzle.

We're Not Afraid of Innovation

We like creative solutions. Especially in today’s market and supply-chain restrictions, we know our resourcefulness is key when it comes to keeping our clients pleased.

We Meet Deadlines

Our owner takes pride that in 24 years of serving this community, there’s never been a deadline he didn’t meet. He’s thorough in his project scope, and delivers on promises.

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