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Your business is your livelihood: you need an electrical team who gets it.

Step into the world of Pisgah Electrical Services, where every flicker of light tells a story of our commitment to excellence. Our journey is not just about providing electrical solutions; it’s about illuminating the diverse tapestry of businesses that shape our communities. From the serene halls of churches to the bustling corridors of commercial offices, from the dynamic campuses of higher education to the healing sanctuaries of healthcare, from the warm embrace of hospitality to the flavorful kitchens of restaurants, from the vibrant shelves of retail to the tranquil havens of spas, and beyond – Pisgah Electrical Services is the beacon guiding the way.

Explore the dynamic array of businesses we proudly serve and discover how we tailor our expertise to meet their unique needs. Whether you’re a visionary entrepreneur, a seasoned institution, or a thriving enterprise, Pisgah Electrical Services is here to empower your journey. Keep reading to see the types of businesses we serve and envision your future with PES on your side.


Whether your facility is modern or traditional, your church requires more in-depth electrical services than a basic residential building. We have the proficiency both to get you started and to keep you up and running.

Commercial Offices

Your office space needs to be kept tidy. Nothing looks more unsightly than unseemigly long cables draped along tables and desks. You need an electrical installer that understands practicality and usability in the commercial space.

Higher Education

Lecture halls filled with projectors, motorized projection screens, various light and dimmer settings, and microphone transmitter wiring, may leave a multitude of (potential) electric minefields. It's important to choose a provider you can trust.


There may be no bigger concern than a healthcare facility losing power for an extensive amount of time. Your access to electricity isn't just a desire, it's life-saving. That's why you need an electrical company you can rely on.


Your hotel design, installation and maintenance requires expertise. Between lights, switches, sockets, individual thermostats, and electric door locks, each room requires multiple circuits and multiple loops. Pisgah Electrical Services is here for that.

Restaurants and Dining

You shouldn't have to worry about the electrical systems operating your 6- to 10-burner range. You need peace of mind in knowing when you turn your lights and stove on in the morning, your restaurant is ready to rock. We're ready to provide the serenity you need.


For a small or large space, keeping your electricity both vibrant and inexpensive is key. From everyday use to holiday lighting, Pisgah Electrical is here to ensure your circuit breaker stays fine-tuned and doesn't overload.


Whether you own a medical spa, wielding laser therapies, or a relaxing venue with water and hot tub treatments, we know your business runs on much more than candle-power. Let us keep your ambiance optimized.

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