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Let's discuss the importance of exterior lighting, its benefits, and everything else you need to know. 

When it comes to lighting in your home, you probably think of the lighting in your living room or kitchen. Maybe you have a favorite lamp or reading light in your bedroom. However one of the most overlooked areas is your home’s exterior. You need exterior lighting too! We’ll discuss the importance of exterior lighting, its benefits, and everything else you need to know. 

Why Is Exterior Lighting Important for your House? 

Exterior lighting may not be as glamorous as a chandelier in your living room, but it is just as important. Exterior lighting is crucial for enhancing safety, security, and aesthetics, ensuring well-lit spaces that deter crime, reduce accidents, and contribute to the overall appeal and functionality of outdoor environments. You, your family, and your guests need to be able to see to enter and exit your home. Without proper lighting, they can easily get hurt from uneven terrain or rocks. Everyone wants to keep their home safe. Exterior lighting helps deter unwanted visitors. If someone does enter your yard you are able to see them clearly, with modern technology you can even get motion detector lighting. Lastly, exterior lighting can improve your home’s aesthetics. It can enhance and highlight parts of your home’s exterior and yard. All in all, exterior lighting is vital to your home from safety to aesthetics. 

Benefits of Exterior Lighting 

While we discussed why it’s important to have exterior lighting, there are also plenty of benefits to having exterior lighting. Some of those benefits include more entertainment space, boosted property value, and bringing new technology to your home. 

Entertainment space – With exterior lighting, you can have more entertainment space. People can mingle and spend time outdoors in well-lit spaces. You can spend more time with your family playing games, enjoy some smores outside, or even host outdoor get-togethers. 

Boosted property value – Strategically designed exterior lighting significantly boosts property value by enhancing curb appeal, showcasing architectural features, and providing added security. Well-lit outdoor spaces create an inviting atmosphere, making a positive first impression and increasing the property’s perceived worth. Additionally, energy-efficient lighting solutions and compliance with safety standards further contribute to the property’s desirability and market value.

Bringing new technology to your home – Exterior lighting brings new technology to your home by incorporating innovative solutions such as smart lighting systems. These systems can be controlled remotely, allowing homeowners to adjust lighting levels, colors, and schedules through mobile apps or voice commands. Integration with advanced technologies enhances energy efficiency, security features, and the overall convenience of managing outdoor lighting, providing a modern and tech-savvy upgrade to your home.

Types of House Exterior Lighting 

Now that you know why exterior lighting is important and the benefits of having it, there are different types of exterior lighting you can choose. Each one has it’s own advantages and uses. The main types of exterior lighting are security, walkway, accent, entryway, and holiday.

The first type of exterior lighting is security lighting. Security lighting can deter unwanted guests from entering your property. This type of lighting includes floodlights and motion detectors. Floodlights help illuminate a big area while motion detectors come on when activated. Both of these can enhance your home’s security. 

Walkway lighting can also help with safety and add an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. This type of lighting helps people safely get to and from your front door. It also adds light to your yard which helps with the appearance of your home. 

If you’re wanting to highlight your home’s architecture or a feature in your yard, accent lighting is what you need. Accent lighting is used to show off the features of your home and lawn. For example, if you have an archway you might want a light to show that. If you have a fun sculpture or a plant you want to showcase an accent light would be the way to do it. 

Entryway lighting is a vital component of both functional and aesthetic considerations in residential and commercial spaces. Positioned at the threshold of a building, entryway lighting serves the practical purpose of ensuring a safe and well-lit passage for occupants and visitors. Ceiling-mounted fixtures such as pendant lights or flush mounts are often used to provide general illumination, while sconces on either side of the entry door contribute to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The choice of entryway lighting fixtures can reflect the architectural style of the structure, ranging from sleek and modern to classic and ornate designs. 

Lastly, holiday lighting can help spread holiday cheer for your family and onlookers. Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? I​​t transforms the exterior of homes and outdoor spaces, creating a joyful and vibrant atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the festivities. The use of colorful lights, decorative motifs, and themed displays adds a touch of magic to the surroundings, fostering a sense of community and shared celebration. Exterior holiday lighting not only contributes to the overall festive mood but also becomes a source of delight for neighbors and passersby. 


In conclusion, the significance of exterior lighting extends far beyond mere illumination; it encompasses safety, security, aesthetics, and even technological innovation within the realm of home design. Recognizing the importance of exterior lighting is crucial for creating a well-rounded and inviting living environment. From deterring unwanted guests to boosting property value, the benefits of exterior lighting are multifaceted. By embracing various types of lighting, such as security, walkway, accent, entryway, and holiday lighting, homeowners can tailor their outdoor illumination to address specific needs and preferences. The ability of exterior lighting to enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of outdoor spaces underscores its indispensable role in creating a safe, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing home environment for residents and visitors alike.

When you need exterior lighting, you want an expert. Pisgah Electrical Services can help you with all of your lighting needs. From adding lighting to your walkway to festive holiday lights, we can do it all. Our team of experts works with you to understand your lighting needs. Every electrical system is different and we want to help you show off your beautiful home. Contact us today to learn more about our exterior lighting services.

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