Whole-House Generator Wiring and Installation by Pisgah Electrical Services

A big storm rolls in and there’s thunder and lightning, is your family prepared for when the power goes out? Is your current generator able to handle everything your home needs? Pisgah Electrical Services understands the importance of having access to energy in your home. Our team is here to guide you through everything you need to know about installing a whole-house generator.

The Difference Between a Stand-by Generator and a Whole-House Generator

When you think of a generator, you might think of a small generator that you can easily store in a small space. However, if you want to power your home during a blackout, you want a whole-house generator. There are several big differences between a small stand-by generator and a whole-house generator.

Pisgah Electrical Whole House Generator Electrical Wiring

Standby Generators – A standby generator is installed outside the home and connected to your electrical system and to a fuel line (generators can run on natural gas or propane). When an outage is detected, a standby generator turns on immediately to provide power to your essential items like appliances and devices. A standby generator is usually rated to provide between 9 and 20 kW of electricity.

Whole-House Generators – A whole-house generator operates exactly like a standby generator: installed outside, and connected to the home’s electrical system as well as a fuel line. What makes a whole house generator different is the size, as it is tasked with providing all the electricity your home might need during an outage. A whole-house generator is rated to provide 22 to 40 kW of electricity.

If you have several appliances, a bigger family, and want to ensure you can run your household like normal, Pisgah Electrical Services recommends a whole-house generator. It will help everything run smoothly even if the power is out on your street.

Why Invest in a Whole-House Generator

Why should you opt for a whole-house generator instead of a standby generator? As mentioned above, a standby generator is made to power less electricity. While a whole-house generator provides more electricity. There are plenty of other great benefits to consider when investing in a whole-house generator.

Think about that huge storm again. Not knowing if your food will stay cold, if laundry will be done, or if you have power is scary. A whole-house generator can give you peace of mind. It will automatically switch on and things will continue like normal. You won’t have to worry about wet clothes going moldy or food in the fridge going bad.

A whole-house generator can do more than just keep your food from going moldy, it can also keep your family safe. There’s always one big winter storm that rolls through North Carolina, pipes freeze, highways are dangerous, and worst of all heat can be turned off. If you own a whole-house generator, this will save your family from dangerously low temperatures. You’re able to keep your family warm during the cold snaps.

With a standby generator, it will only last for a limited amount of time. Then in a storm, you need to find gas in order to power it again. A whole-house generator gives you unlimited power without worrying about running out of gas. With whole-house generators, you can draw power directly from the local utility grid. This means that your generator is connected to an existing gas line, so it will never run out of power.

What to Consider Before Installing a Whole-House Generator

Pisgah Electrical Services

When you make an investment like a whole-house generator, you want to ensure that you are able to fully consider everything you need. You don’t want to purchase a generator that can only power your home for a few hours or just part of your home. Here are some things to consider before you purchase a whole-house generator.

  1. Automatic shutoff – An automatic shutoff will turn the unit off if it begins to overheat. Similarly, a generator with this switch will automatically turn itself on in the event of a power outage, so you won’t have to mess around in the dark to manually turn on the generator yourself.
  2. Type of enclosure – A generator typically stays outside of your home. You want a sturdy material that will survive any weather from big storms to snow. Look for brands with an enclosure made out of steel or a corrosion-resistant composite material. If sound is a concern, you may be able to build an additional enclosure around your generator unit, but be sure to consult with the installer first about the specifics.
  3. Warranty – A warranty will help you in case anything goes wrong. Look out for brands that offer 4 to 5-year warranties. If you purchase a whole-house generator through Pisgah Electrical Services, our team can help you find the best warranty.
  4. Generator capacity – The capacity of your generator will depend on what your home’s power needs are. Smaller standby generators have a capacity of 20kW, and units up to 50kW are available. You can calculate what your home’s power source needs are by looking up a calculator online.
  5. Generator fuel source – A large capacity whole-house generator runs on either natural gas or propane. Natural gas is the preferred choice and is slightly less expensive. If a gas line isn’t available in your area, however, you can schedule delivery and installation of a propane tank.

Why Choose Pisgah Electrical for Your Whole-House Generator Installation

When doing anything involving electricity or gas, you want an expert who can do the job. Trying to DIY anything you have no experience with can be incredibly dangerous. That’s why it’s important to call the experts at Pisgah Electrical.

Safety is our number one priority! We want to ensure that you and your family are kept safe. If you try to DIY install your whole-house generator to your gas line, there is a lot that can go wrong. Our expert team works with Pisgah Plumbing which has an experienced team that works with gas lines daily.

It can be difficult to figure out what capacity generator you need. Our team can come to your home measure your home, see what appliances you have, and help determine the right one for you. You don’t want to get a generator too small or too big. Having the right experts determine the perfect size is crucial.

In addition to safety and expert guidance, another essential factor to consider when dealing with electrical and gas-related projects is the long-term reliability of your installation. At Pisgah Electrical, we understand that your peace of mind doesn’t stop at the initial installation. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to the ongoing performance and durability of your systems.

To conclude, Pisgah Electrical Services stands as the go-to expert for whole-house generator installations. We understand the importance of a reliable power source in uncertain times. Whole-house generators offer unparalleled peace of mind, protecting your daily life and ensuring safety during adverse weather. With us, you gain not just a generator but the assurance that seasoned professionals have your family’s well-being in hand. Ready for uninterrupted power and peace of mind? Choose Pisgah Electrical. Contact us today and light up your home’s future.

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